Dog Show

Dog Show is collaboration with my dog Gypsy. She "prepares" the subjects by ripping them apart and forcing out their plastic heart. Regardless of the squeaker hearts and fluffy organs, she is selective about the animals she chooses to disembowel. Color doesn’t matter and static rubber toys are rarely investigated, but animals with long hair and tails are truly captivating.

The synthetic carcasses migrate from room to room getting thinner and thinner, until they resemble road-kill. When her interest is abandoned, I collect them and carefully lay the remains on a computer scanner and combine them with art historical images. In their new life, the dog toys may not look like a perfect, sophisticated example of beauty but through mere association with “High Art”, they are once again alluring.

Gypsy's decisions are neither aesthetic nor conceptual, but based purely on her sense of "the sublime". My interests lean more toward the art historical references.