One of A Kind

In the series “One Of A Kind”, I create celebrities by using stylistic mannerisms of portraiture. By mimicking poses of historic and modern personalities, I created celebrities by using stylistic mannerisms of portraiture that project an attitude of vanity and self-confidence.

The title, “One Of A Kind”, comes from both the subject’s own personality and my created identity. While these people are not media celebrities, they are recognized in these photographs as being important. The title also refers to the medium itself. The 20x24 inch pictures are unique black and white Polaroid photographs. Made without a negative, they cannot be reprinted.

An 8x10 celebrity press photo overlaps the Polaroid. Through association my celebrity is created. However, hidden and waiting behind the 8x10 is another photograph. It is of a person with a stocking is stretched over their head. The person’s identity is barely visible. I imagine this person waiting to be created.