Too Late

This work could be about a 52 old women looking at her life from two directions, or it could be about a women looking at others, or it could be about using my life as a source for refection. Perhaps it is a combination of all the above, since making art just isn't a simple statement.

Certainly, this work is about time but not in a linear sense. Past, present and future are interwoven. No matter when an event occurs, actions seem to reference each other. While the camera can record a moment, it is helpless in stopping time. Unlike many photographs, my pictures do not represent a particular instant in life. They are about life... life that is confusing at best, and dangerous at its worst. Those day-to-day activities, that form layers of thought and impact the next moment, form my images. Layers in my collages are like squeezing random thoughts together. The final image is independent of time but comprised of it.